What do I do?

I have completed 8 months at Perleybrook Labs(as on 1st June 2014) as a Software Engineer. In this brief period, I was able to take up different roles, which I never imagined to happen, atleast not in the near future right after finishing my college. When I joined a startup instead of joining TCS, all I had in mind was I could learn some technologies, write some code etc. Working in a startup will not only polish your technical skills, but also will need you to take different roles at different times, especially, if your team is small. I didn’t knew that I would have to interview people. I was actually tensed about how I would do. How well can an inexperienced guy like me can perform as an interviewer? But I guess I did it quite well :D ( Good for me )

But One thing I concluded from the interview, not just from the interview, even my friends think of me as an iOS developer. Well, I am NOT. Two weeks back, I was at the office when I received a call from my friend telling he had an iPhone with him, spell the app we released, so he can try it. oh, boy! I told him its not an iPhone app but rather it was a Mac app.

So, What do we do at Perleybrook Labs? Well surely, we are not (just) an iOS shop. We basically work on Building Security. Eh? what? Anything and everything you see in a bulding, from Video surveillance to Elevator softwares, from Access control to HVAC systems, we deal with those. “Then how come you guys make a Mac app?”, Neccessity is mother of invention. We wanted a static blogging engine, which supports Markdown, simple to use, and should enable a non technical guy to create a blog. We shipped Statiked in April 2014. Rolled out an update in May, another one coming in few weeks.

And yes, we will start working on a building security product this month. What technology will we be using? well, I can use Ruby to create a desktop application but I won’t. I can use Objective-C for creating a HTTP Server but I won’t. I Look forward to learn a new technology. :)