14th of Feb

It has been a long time since I have written a blog post(the last entry was two months before). It had been quite a busy week with development of our first product. (Excited). About our product and the development phase ought to make another post which you guys can expect real soon. ;)

14th of Feb, heck yeah! Valentine’s Day. If you guys log in to your social media accounts on or a day before 14th, you can see 3 kind of posts.

In this post let me share my Feb 14th experience. Till the sixth semester at college i didn’t care about the feb 14th (don’t ask me why! I just didn’t care). Well I think, being a senior and the Men’s Hostel (MH) effect should be it, we mhians decided to buy some roses and keep it right in the shirt’s pocket. Proving our solidarity towards love.

3rd year

I remember how we left from MH to college as a group with red roses in our pocket. Awesome Experience I had System programming lab in the morning and I head straight to lab (Lab II, the one opposite to language lab ). It was Smitha miss (not HoD)who was in the lab, and yeah, I was a little late. When enquired reason for being late, all I had was my smile in silence. Then she saw the rose in my pocket. She nodded her head and gave a sarcastic smile and let me in. Then in the afternoon we friends went to first year’s floor and was busy proposing (pure fun intended ;)).Well that was the valentines day celebration in 2012.

Then in the next year i.e., 2013, we were the final years, we just had few more months at college. So it was decided to make it the best valentines day celebration. Like the previous year, we had our roses (yeah, few even had 3 roses with them!). My batch (C13, we call ourselves) was too awesome in many ways. So we had this plan, like choosing christmas friends, we chose our valentine by something similar to a lucky dip.

4rth year

We were supposed to give some gift to our “valentine”. I don’t remember what i gave my valentine that day, but i remember taking the opportunity to make fun of my dearest friend Sreehari. So Rinu had Sreehari as her valentine, so she asked if we (me & Pavan) can bring an empty of alcohol. There were plenty (not that plenty though ;)) of them available at our hostel. so we agreed to bring an empty bottle and she agreed to bring water boiled with some ayurvedic stuff that result in almost similar colour of a brandy. The fun part was, whole class surprised (Sreehari was dumbstruck!) when Rinu unwrapped the bottle which was wrapped using a newspaper. Of course it was revealed it was just water. It was fun. :) That was the celebration in the class, but that of mhians was yet to come ;)

So we mhians gathered together got few equipments ourself viz., a bow and arrow made of plastic of course, flutes etc. We went to first year’s floor and had some fun. I had this bow and arrow with me (Cupid! lucky me :P) so before any of my friends proposes a girl, i had to aim the arrow at her and release it. this continued through whole 7 division of first years! But bloody Akhil aka Sagar did something which I won’t forget ever, never ever! :P So I was cupid all along 6 classes then I wanted to do a proposal, at least in the last class. So it was division G, I think. I proposed a junior (she was a native of Thodupuzha, thats all I remember :P). Believe me, that was the first time I ever gave a girl a rose. :D This was the valentine day celebration 2013. Totally Awesome!

Feb 14, 2014: MacBook Pro, Ludwig van Beethoven - Symphony No. 7 & some memories gave me company. Yeah, college life is something I miss. Good old days! :)

Anyways Happy Valentines day! :) but remember,

“If you’re sad about being alone on Valentines Day, just remember that nobody loves you on any other day of the year either.”

(pure sarcasm intended!)

PS: I’m still single, ready to mingle. Cheers! ;) :D