Life after college & my first job

College is the one the most awesome period in one’s life. But the real shit happens after the college. One thing that i noticed is that, no matter from whichever part of India you are, the question one has to face from family is “what is your future plan? got any job offer?”. Lucky me, i had job offers. Thus i was able to escape the slaughter.(No, not really. wait for it!)

I had this choice with me, can join a reputed corporate company or an awesome startup which offered cool stuffs! So there was this discussion in my family.

“Why are you even considering about joining the startup?” “Umm., It’s a nice venture, I think.”

“What salary will you get from there? Would it meet your expense?” “Yeah, it will, I guess.”

Finally, i managed to convince them about the fact that the decision I make at age of 21 will be the least of the worst to happen! 20s are the age to explore new stuffs, learn new things. As far as i have heard from my seniors from college who joined the corporate company, some are doing documentation (Yuck!, Excel stuff!), several others were on ‘bench’. For past four years at college we learnt to do cool stuffs using C/C++/Java and you need to know only Excel at the corporate world.(What the hell?) So happily I ditched the offer from corporate company.

I joined Perleybrook Labs on October 1st 2013. It is just a startup with mere 3 employees including me and we being the first ones to be too. Now, here is the interesting part. Following are the things i got by joining here:

  1. 15” MacBook Pro Retina
  2. iPhone 5S (one among the few in India to own it soon after it’s release.)

Perleybrook Labs is just perfect for me. None to rule you, no one to report to, you just need to complete what you are assigned. Not feeling like going to office one day? work from home lying on your bed. Free coffee/Tea.

From learning point of view, i gained a lot of knowledge in a few months than i gained from my entire college life. I love working here and if anyone asks me whether i regret my decision, i can definitely tell them a NO.

Everyday I learn something new at Perleybrook. (and today its blogging!)here I am writing my first blog post (2 am in the morning) which I plan to host at Github.